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Update check

When the plugin's updates found, it is indicated by a red dot. Clicking the red dot will update the plugin automatically or archives will be opened by default browser.
public Plugin() throws Exception {
super("whatever you want");

setPluginVersion("1.0.0"); // this is essential for update check

The Actlist will requests to your server with version parameter via GET method when Actlist is instanced up at first time.

You can respond with your web application server or if you don't have any web application server, but it's ok. feel free to use this update-check.js but don't forget to upload the update-check.js file to your own online place like a GitHub. and you can specify the url of update-check.js on setPluginUpdateCheckURI method. (be aware that this request url must be ends with .js)

Using dynamic web application server

Please response these parameters as a single Map object to the Actlist's update check request.

  • available : true or false. this will notice to user that your plugin has available updates or not.
  • jar : latest jar file of your plugin for automatic updates.
  • requiredActlist : minimum compatible version of the Actlist for automatic updates.
  • url : the plugin's archives url. this url will be browsed when automatic update fails.
  • killSwitch : on or off. this will make the plugin to unavailable.
  • endOfService : true or false. this will notice to user that your plugin has reached end-of-service or not.

Using static JavaScript file via GitHub

If you don't have any web application server, but you have GitHub account, this is your way.

Please refer to this sample repository.

you can see is pointing update check url to its own repository's

Browse plugin's archives

There are two ways to browse the archives when automatic update fails.

  1. By url response value through setPluginUpdateCheckURI(URI) method.
  2. By your code with 2nd parameter of setPluginUpdateCheckURI(URI, URI) method.

Even if you set the archives url manually through setPluginArchivesURI method or 2nd parameter of setPluginUpdateCheckURI(URI, URI), server's url response value will be strongly respected.

Notice plugin's update

You can override pluginUpdateFound method for notice or something.
public void pluginUpdateFound() throws Exception {
label.setText("Update available !");